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Ilex aquipernyi ‘Dragon Lady’

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The Ilex 'Dragon Lady' holly hedge is a relatively low-maintenance, hybrid holly that grows best in moist but well-draining soils. The shrub has a tall, columnar habit and glossy dark green foliage. When planted in groups, it works well as a tall hedging plant or privacy screen and it can also be used as a tall columnar accent in a mixed shrub border.The holly’s curved leaf has distinctive spines and it produces bright red winter berries. These fruits mature in the fall and remain attractive well into the winter, when they are generally eaten by seasonal birds. The Ilex Dragon Lady’s best fruiting occurs in full sun, but it certainly appreciates some dappled afternoon shade in hotter climates. The foliage generally opens up as the amount of shade increases. Also checkout Ilex meserveae blue maid holly hedge. Also, see different hedge types

Dragon Lady holly (Ilex aquipernyi 'Dragon Lady') hedges two years after planting.

Holly InstantHedge in biodegradable cardboard box, ready to ship.

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Dragon Lady Holly Growing Regions

Ilex x. aquipernyi Dragon Lady Details

USDA Hardiness Zones: 6 - 8
Your Hardiness Zone:

Sun/Shade: Partial Shade to Full Sun
Deer Resistance: Yes
Watering Requirements: Weekly, or possibly more often in containers or extreme heat
Growth Rate: Moderate
Mature Size: Up to 12’ height and 4’ width
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
West Coast - Sunset Heat Zones: 4 - 9 and 14 - 17
Pest/Disease Issues: Potential insect problems include holly leaf miner, spider mites, spittlebugs, whitefly and scale. Potential disease problems include leaf spot, leaf rot, tar spot, and powdery mildew.

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