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Garden designers have been creating hedge maze gardens for illustrious clients (famously including royalty) for thousands of years. They originally served a practical purpose, but eventually became simply fun puzzles to challenge garden visitors.

small garden maze designs and ideas

Maze Gardens are wonderful additions to children’s gardens and botanical gardens. They commonly accompany formal and modern garden styles.
A Maze Garden made with tall hedges is a wonderful way to provide plentiful private spaces for outdoor dining or meeting areas.
For optimum appreciation, provide a high platform for an aerial vantage point or plant the maze garden outside a multi-story window.
We firmly believe that Maze Gardens can and should be used more frequently in today’s landscapes. They can serve many purposes that deserve to be explored! Also, hedges can be used in modern gardening and suburban gardening for landscaping. Choose different types of hedges and start landscaping.


Older European beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedges can be pruned to create shapes or even structures like this arch.

Tall beech hedges form a dramatic screen on either side of this path.

Stunning European beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedge nearing 8' tall.

Hicks Yew makes a low-maintenance, dense hedge, perfect for creating maze gardens to delight the public.