Markus Collection & Gardens

In a mere half acre, the Markus Collection and Garden creates a private four-season landscape. The collection of trees was started by Brent in 1994, when he was thirteen years old. A framework of large conifers toward the edge of the property line provides privacy as well as a green backdrop for specimen trees and shrubs. More than 200 cultivars of Dwarf Conifers and 75 cultivars of Japanese Maples are layered along with annuals and perennials. Every bed is unique, both in layout and design. Walls of evergreen foliage provide a backdrop for yellow, blue and green conifers as well as red, yellow and green Japanese Maples. This garden has won numerous awards and been featured on local and national garden walks. Please contact Brent Markus at 847.347.7463 to schedule and appointment to visit this garden.